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Tales from Quarantine – Olympic Rings (6 of 8)

As I rearranged Moriarty’s cage, he had new toys to play with.  It was good to see his curiosity in action & to see him exploring new things.  The Olympic rings have been a successful addition.





Tales from Quarantine – Shiny Things (4 of 8)

Moriarty is a fan of shiny things.  This was apparent quite early on.  He was often playing with the bell at the bottom of his chewy toy & the bells on the bottom of his swing.

His mirror gets a lot of attention which is probably expected for a bird that was on his own.

I suspected he would appreciate the disco ball, which he does!

I love my disco ball!


I love these shiny bells!


I love this bell!


Cor, what a handsome chappy!





I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

The boys have a new friend, Tweety Pie!

He is another yellow face.  Here they are, all together, with Tweety on the far right.

Cagney - Phineas - Bezukhov - Tweety

Cagney – Phineas – Bezukhov – Tweety

So far, no fights & Tweety should be happy as there are no puddy tats here. 😀