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All 5 of us

A rare photo of all 5 together…..

All 5 together


From left to right: Bezukhov, Lennie, Perry, Dalai & Tweety Pie.



The abandoned playgym

When Dalai came in from quarantine, his cage was placed where the playgym usually stands.  The playgym was relegated to the other side of the room.  Although it was just below one of their flight paths, they chose to ignore it & it gathered dust.

As it has been months since Dalai has been in his quarantine cage, I decided to move it out & reinstate the playgym to its original position.  Before doing this, I spruced up the playgym – the dust was removed, Tweety Pie was cleaned up & I put lots of inviting, curly, chewy paper over it.  I did not expect Bezukhov to descend on the playgym immediately as he is wary of change.  Dalai had never known the playgym to be in the “new” location so I was not expecting him to blaze a trail to it.

It was not a surprise to me to find it would take 2 weeks for it to be used.  Bezukhov landed on there, though I think he was spooked by something & landed there by accident.  He stayed there for a bit though & had quite a chat in his old haunting place.  Dalai seemed intrigued & flew by a couple of times but did not quite pluck up the courage to land.


Unfortunately, 3 weeks after Bezukhov visited the playgym, he has not been back.  Tweety Pie must be feeling quite neglected.



More rejection!

It seems that even Tweety-Pie rejects Phineas…..

Cagney does not return Phinny’s affections… apart from rare occasions.  Bezukhov gets annoyed with Phinny’s jealousy of his & Cagney’s friendship.  Now it seems Tweety-Pie has had enough of Phinny’s attention & decided to avoid him by swivelling so he was face down.  Tweety-Pie could not have given a more obvious sign of his weariness!

Phinny expressed his disappointment by having a tantrum.

Poor Phineas!




I have competition

Phineas often regurgitates to my finger.  This can occur several times in the day & usually after he has just eaten.  I understand that he would far prefer to regurgitate to Cagney but at the moment this is not happening.    However, it appears I do have some competition…. from an unlikely source…… Yes, our friend, Tweety-Pie!


The Go-Between

Since returning to the lounge, Tweety-Pie has been busy being a go-between.  He can often be found sandwiched between Cagney & Thomas.  Sometimes Thomas is a little cheeky & goes behind Tweety’s back to woo Cagney.

Phinny’s new best friend

Phineas has made a new friend.  He does not answer back & seems to agree with all that Phinny tells him.  He has eyelashes to die for too. 🙂

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

The boys have a new friend, Tweety Pie!

He is another yellow face.  Here they are, all together, with Tweety on the far right.

Cagney - Phineas - Bezukhov - Tweety

Cagney – Phineas – Bezukhov – Tweety

So far, no fights & Tweety should be happy as there are no puddy tats here. 😀