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The last day

My previous post, The Last Two Weeks, describes the lead up to this last day with Thomas.

On the morning of the 27th January, I spoke with Mr EV again & he said I could pick up the medication Heptosyl, that afternoon.  It is a powder in capsule form, typically given to dogs & cats.

Thomas was by now just chewing on beetroot stalks.  It seemed the beetroot was what was keeping him going.  His breathing had got noticeably worse.  I had let Phineas out early on to give Thomas some peace in his own cage.  However, around 2pm he sat in front of his door & made it clear he wanted to come out.  I was reluctant, but opened the door….

Thomas attempted to fly to the Manor, but was too weak to do so & landed on the floor.  A bad sign was that his wings were open & he appeared to not have the energy to close them.  I gently picked him up.  He was breathing heavily.  I managed to hold him in as comfortable a way as possible.  His feet were around my finger as if they were perching, with that hand cradling his body.  He rested his head on my other hand.

To say I was alarmed & upset would be an understatement.  I thought this was it.  I repeatedly told him we all loved him & gently stroked his cheek feathers.  We were like this for about 15 minutes.  Then he shook himself & wanted to get up.  I let him make his way to the top of the Manor. Read more of this post

Survival on Easter Sunday

Atilla has not been well.

She was fine on Easter Sunday morning & even had a chew of my blue, velcro rollers (my Easter treat to her).  However, around 1pm I noticed that she was not accepting Cagney’s regurgitated seed.  I observed her for a little while & found she was struggling to balance & was not right.

As the afternoon progressed, she got steadily worse.  She got very weak & several times perched on my finger but as she gradually slumped forward I put my other hand out until she was laying across my hands.  If she opened her wing she had no energy to close it.  I really thought this was the end.

Every so often she would shake her head & realise she was slumping & then sit up straight, only to gradually slump again.

Cagney was trying to feed her.  Sometimes I could see he was trying to prise her beak open to get some seed in.  She had no interest in eating or drinking.  That evening, I held her for about 2 hours in my hands, in the Manor, whilst she slept.  Coming up to bedtime she started getting restless & wanted to get to the seed pot (the bedtime routine).  I laid my hand out so she could climb over there but instead she threw herself on the pot, took a few moments to steady herself then forced herself to eat about 10 seeds.  She then settled on the perch to sleep.

I positioned my poang chair so I could see directly into the Manor & got ready for the night ahead.  I had a little doze & when I awoke, could not see Atilla… She had managed to climb into the loft area, make her way past the toyboys (on front swings) & was sat on the loft perch.  As she was at the back, I set the alarm to go off every hour, when I would turn the lamp on & check she was still okay.  I was actually amazed that she survived that day & that night.  What a strong-willed girl she is.