The hot corner & the chilly window perch

Atilla is still very unwell. 😦

We have a routine now.  Each morning, after freshening up the paper at the bottom of the Manor, & replenishing seed pots & water, I then clear Atilla’s poop from her lump.  I usually wait for her to move a bit before doing this.  If she is ever sleeping restfully then I leave her be.  In fact, surprisingly, for the most part, Cagney leaves her be too.

The electric blanket is still over the Manor.  I am constantly assessing whether it should be on & if it is on, what temperature it should be.  On one corner I have thrown over one of my fleece tops.  I call this the “hot corner“.  Atilla will often sleep there, on the wide perch, leaning on the side of the cage.  She has lost weight so heat is important for her.

Occasionally, usually inspired by the toyboys, she decides to have a little outing from the manor for a change.  She is weak so the Hand Navigation System (HNS) works well.  A few days ago I was taking some photos of the toyboys messing about on top of the spare/folding cage.  Atilla wanted to join in & came out onto the landing platform.  With a little help she was able to mooch about herself on the spare cage & spend some time nibbling the iodine block in the little cardboard box.

Today, the boys were having a silly half hour, whizzing around the room, doing laps, doing strange loops & twists & generally letting off some steam.  They then spent some time at the window.  I could see Atilla peeking out from the Manor, looking at them tap, tap, tapping with their little feet around on the window sill.  I called out to her & she seemed to respond so I went up & offered her my finger which she readily took.  It was time for another little outing.  This time she wanted to go over to the window.  She did not even go there when she was well.

She sat on my finger, acclimatising to the new view, & then settled on the window perch for a little while.  But she kept looking down…. she wanted to go where she had seen the boys tap, tap, tapping!  So, the HNS came into play again & I lowered her down.  She did a little of her own tap, tap, tapping.  Then she wanted to go on the fish tank (another play-haunt of the boys) & managed a brief chew of a lollipop stick.

After all that activity Atilla wanted a rest, & was happy to sit on the window perch again, preferably close to Cagney.  She looked a little cold away from the electric blanket so I can only assume she wanted some warmth.  At one point, when she was dozing, I had my hand underneath her & my other hand over her (a fraction above, not touching) to keep her warm.

The whole window outing probably lasted about an hour.  Back at the Manor, she had a little seed & then rested.

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Bank holiday, electric blanket and strange poops

Being fed

Atilla slept on the loft perch all night In the morning, Cagney started to feed her breakfast.  Thankfully she was accepting his seed.  I attempted to give her some Guardian Angel (sick bird supplement) but she point blank refused to drink it but readily slurped the normal water.  She spent most of the day on that perch with Cagney feeding her at regular intervals.

To keep her warm I threw my electric blanket over the top of the Manor.

Her poops were getting weird.  One poop had yellow in it.  Could this be egg yolk?  Could she have produced an egg but the hernia caused complications?  As luck would have it, when I checked online, I found Mr Avian Vet had a surgery at a reasonably close clinic the next day.  I rang & booked an appointment.

Strange poop

I described her symptoms briefly over the phone & was told to give her antibiotics.  I had some left over from November so I made some up & Atilla drank some of the medicated water.

In the evening she made her way down to the other perch & sat there for awhile.  At bedtime, she climbed up to the peg & jumped across to the front round swing.  She was ready for bed & I was ready for another night of observation.

A stunning blow (3 of 3)

On returning from the vets, Raspy got rapidly worse.  It was alarming.  As she was struggling to stay on the perch, I held her in my hands, close to my chest.  She was still straining.  I tried to administer painkiller but she would not open her beak.

For the next hour I just held her & told her she was my beautiful little girl & that we all loved her.  Strangely, you could hear a pin drop.  The boys were completely quiet.  No mean feat for them.  I paced the room, holding Raspy, trying to keep her warm & comfortable.  After about an hour of this, she gave a twitch of her shoulders & that was it.  My beautiful baby was gone.

About 5 minutes after she passed, the toyboys started tweeting again.

I carried on holding her for another hour, unable to let her go.

She was so soft & so beautiful.


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