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Lessons from the wild?

One day, towards the end of May, I noticed some unusual activity outside the window & when I took a closer look it seemed a baby blackbird was trying out short, circular flights from the tree, each time, making a wider circle.  (I later saw it on the grass, running up to mum & dad requesting food).  As I watched, I said aloud to Perry, that he should do that, to build flying confidence & when I turned to look at him, he came out the cage & had a little fly!  He made about 3 or 4 short flights between the cages, with one particular attempt circling out into the room, very much like the blackbird did from the tree.



Both Perry & Lennie have always noticed what goes on outside the window, so perhaps it is not too far fetched for me to think that Perry saw the young blackbird too & was inspired with its efforts.  (He definitely was not listening to me, as I have been telling him for ages to take short flights to build confidence!)

Perry’s little lump has caused some clumsiness &, I believe, lack of confidence in his flying.  He has always been a little on the lazy side regarding flying, but there is nothing wrong with his wings.  It was lovely to see him go further afield & it helped his confidence as later that day he flew from his cage to the landing platform on the far side of Dalai’s cage (almost to the playgym).

That same day, Lennie also ventured further than he has in a long time.  He was on the peg perch & decided to climb up, rather than down, & found himself on top of Dalai’s cage for the first time since Dalai’s passing.

Unfortunately, a big bird flew past the window which worried him, so he returned home quickly!

Lennie on the peg, talking to Perry


An exciting sighting

Last week, wild parrots came to our ‘back yard’!

Wild ring-necked parakeets have become increasingly common in the South East of England.  I first saw them in the summer, in a park about 5 miles away.  Being a tropical bird, they look somewhat out of place in England, particularly in urban areas.

Despite their increasing numbers, it was still a surprise to see bright, flashes of green whizz by the window.  Four ring-necked parakeets flew by, circled & landed on the tree directly opposite my window.  They were there long enough for me to take some photos & marvel in the first sighting of them so close to home.

They were later joined by a big, black bird that I initially thought was a crow but on checking the photos, decided it was likely a big blackbird.


How did Bezukhov, Dalai & the newbies react?  They noticed the flashes of green go past the window but otherwise just carried on with whatever they were doing, not grasping the rarity of the event!