Remembering Raspy: Not sure

Raspy was a self-assured, feisty pudding.  She did however, have moments when she was not sure about something.  Or she could not decide.

How was this apparent? 

She used to move her shoulders slightly & move her wings away from her body a little.  The movement was like a little squirm.  I imagined her saying to herself in her head, “Hmm…. I’m not sure about that….“, or “Hmm… should I go left or should I go right?“.

Atilla does not do this, even though she does have indecisive moments.  The toyboys tend not to think or analyse as much as the puddings anyway. 🙂


For some time now, I have wanted to get Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov bathing on film.  

They have not got into baths, so their preferred form of bathing is being sprayed with water whilst they can romp about in some green leaves.  It is a bit awkward holding the misting bottle, keeping up the spraying & also filming at the same time however, I finally managed to get some good footage. 🙂

First up was Atilla.  Here she is, quite frankly, going a bit mental.  Woe betide anyone in Atilla’s way when it is misting time!  

Next up was Bezukhov.  He had a few goes.  His style is less frantic than Atilla’s.  He is more contained but there is a lot of wobbling, shaking & tipping over.

Cagney had been quite keen with mistings recently, but this time he took his time getting into it.  Nevertheless, I managed to get a few seconds of him on his belly, with his wings out, virtually crawling through the celery.  Yet again, another style of bathing.

Then Bezukhov wanted another jiggle in the celery. 🙂