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Swapping puddings?

Occasionally, the toyboys confuse things. 

We know that Bezukhov & Raspy love each other.  We know that Cagney & Atilla love each other.  There are times Bezukhov cannot resist having a flirt with Atilla & this riles Cagney.  We also know Cagney likes to chase Raspy for a kiss despite Bezukhov flapping his wings in warning.  Neither pudding is interested in the potential change in partner so nothing comes of it, though I do expect one or other toyboy to be sporting a black eye one day….

However, there are the exceptions & these are when both boys do not seem to mind swapping puddings…..  The problem is, the girls do not want to swap!  It’s like the boys have thrown their keys in the dish but the girls are not picking up…  The girls can get a bit stressed in such a situation because they do not even have their boyfriend to help fight their corner because he is too busy trying to get off with her sister.  It’s all very fraught. 

This evening, Raspy seemed to be at a slight disadvantage as I think she has hurt her wing a little (she can still fly).  After about an hour of trying to diffuse the situation, I introduced Raspy to the Ferplast & she readily went in.  Cagney was prowling around on top of the cage so I put the cover over it.  After a short time, Bezukhov was looking for Raspy so I opened the Ferplast door & he went in to be with her. 

Calm has finally returned.  Raspy has tried out all perches/swings in the Ferplast but I think she may settle on one of the swings for the night.  Bezukhov still has not decided where to sleep but he has been stretching his wings so I am sure he will settle soon.  In the Manor, Atilla is still wrestling with the mirror but that is normal (for the last week at least) & Cagney is already perched on top of a swing. 

I will keep the two couples separated for a day as I will not have time to keep an eye on them tomorrow.  Hopefully Raspy’s wing will also be better too.

Mirror and (dumb)bell workout

Atilla still enjoys wrestling with her mirror I think she overheard me saying the vet had been booked for another visit & has spent the last two days building up her muscle tone & working on her reflexes so she can better outwit Mr Vet.

Here she is in action:

Yes, that is Raspy getting in the way of the camera…

Claws out for the clapper

Every so often, Atilla goes a bit mad with a toy.  Just recently the lantern mirror has been bearing the brunt of her “playfulness”.

Here she is having a tussle with the purple mirror: BTW, the empty vegetable spear did have vegetables but she tore them all off!

Here is the end result of all the wrestling  ===>

The purple mirror/bell & disconnected clapper have now been sent away to the Budgie Toy Rehab Centre for some much needed rest, relaxation & repairs.  It may well be followed by the green mirror which is now suffering at the beak & claws of Atilla…..