Thomas Perrywinkle ~ otherwise known as “Thomas”

27th April 2013 (adoption day) ~ 27th January 2014

He was around 4 months old when he joined us.

Thomas has coped well with joining the existing flock of Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas.  The toyboys were both taken with him (Phineas has only ever had eyes for Cagney) & Thomas was ready to flirt with whoever was available, but it did not take too long for him to favour Cagney (Mr Popular).

He looks like a little blue angel…. but do not let his angelic looks fool you as he can be a very determined fellow when he wants to be & will independently seek new adventures, whether they be new & strange coloured foods or trying out the bath.  He has also flexed some muscles finding his place in the flock.  He can be very cute at times, especially when he fluffs up his cheek feathers, hoping one of the others will preen them.

Thomas is a very handsome & beautiful boy!

10 thoughts on “Thomas

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