Puddings & Toyboys

A blog about my beautiful budgies.


Norman Bezukhov ~ otherwise known as “Bezuky”

27th June 2010 ~ 3rd July 2018

Bezukhov is the youngest of the flock.  He is quite possibly the most talkative and will have quite intense conversations with a peg or a perch or anything that will stay still.  If he were human, I believe his ideal job would be crushing grapes for wine as he always seems to have his feet in any food going. 🙂

This handsome young lad has won over Raspy’s heart.  They run around together like young lovers. :)

Here he is, putting the world to rights…..

2 responses to “Bezukhov

  1. Rose 13 January 2011 at 16:32

    Bezuky should be in the Cabinet with ideas like that!


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