Buzz Cagney ~ otherwise known as “Cagney”

23rd June 2010 ~ 21st September 2015

Cagney is one of the toy boys.  He was partly hand-reared so is quite a friendly chap.  He wants to be a part of anything that is going on.  In that sense, he treats everyone as equals.  He is surprisingly brave (or dumb!) as he follows Atilla around like he is her shadow!  Sometimes he even stretches out to touch her wing (without her permission) to get her attention.  His persistence is gradually winning over Atilla’s heart.  That, and feeding her seed!

Cagney is the only bird I know who panics when he gets a bit of fluff stuck to his beak!  He runs around in a blind panic, flies & occasionally rubs his beak on the perch only to find the fluff has moved to his cere or his forehead, causing him to panic just a little bit more!





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