From early on, my puddings have been on the slightly bigger side.

Plant pot stand

I was lucky enough to weigh them when they were just a few months old & this has given me a good reference point.  I do not think they will mind me telling the world their weight at the height of youth & fitness: Raspy was 48g & Atilla was 52g.

Their weights were actually quite heavy but this must have been because of their big-bones and/or part exhibition genes.

I regret to say that over time, their weight has steadily increased, Atilla’s slightly more so than Raspy.  This has not been as a result of being fed bad food as they have always had vegetables, very little millet (which is supposed to be fattening although I believe the jury is still out on that one) & virtually no honey sticks/bells.

Slipping the digital scales under the stand

They will not thank me for divulging how much heavier they became….

Since Atilla’s recent acquisition of a fatty lump, I have resurrected the “weigh-in.

To make it easier, I now convert the plant pot stand into weighing scales. 🙂  The pictures show how I do this.  The measurements are pretty accurate, although do change by a gram or two when the stand wobbles.

Waiting for pudding or toyboy to land on stand to get their weight

This is the first time I have weighed the toyboys & they both come in at approx 41g, which I believe is average.  The surprise is that the boys weigh the same… I thought Cagney would be a lot lighter than Bezukhov.

Once again, the girls would not be happy if I told the world their current weight.  There is another surprise here in that Raspy weighs the same as Atilla.

(All weights are approximate).

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