In Memoriam: Rosebudgie

Dedicated follower, Rosebudgie, sadly passed away last week.  She was an enthusiastic follower of this blog, so I would like to say a few words about her.

Rosebudgie was a life-long lover of budgies.  Her passion began when she got her first budgie at nine years old.  She had budgies off & on through the years, but the last budgies she had were brothers Ian & Marshall, known on this blog as the Sharing Sausages.  They both lived to over ten years old, until Marshall ‘ran away’ & Ian fell ill.  To honour them, I asked Rosebudgie if she would like to write on this blog about them: Guest Post: The legendary Ian and Marshall (not forgetting Eric…)

When out harvesting seeding grasses for her ‘boyz’, Rosebudgie also picked some for my birds too.  Even when her beloved boyz passed, she kindly carried on picking & sending the grass.  The bunches of wild grass from the countryside were always much appreciated by my urban flock.

Though Rosebudgie did not have budgies at the end of her life, she was a frequent visitor to an aviary in her local park, that had budgies, lovebirds & karakiris.  She would regularly take fruit & vegetables for the birds, & once arranged for more hens to balance out the budgie flock.  She gave names to all the birds & kept me updated on the aviary relationships & activities.

Rosebudgie loved this blog & read every post & often commented.  She was a great supporter of anything ‘budgie’ but more than that, she was a lovely person & a great friend.

She will be missed.

Fly free with all your feathery friends, Rose.