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Morning after the night before

Both couples coped overnight in their separate homes.  However, the next morning the boys & Raspy were more than happy to get out & about.  Interestingly, having been separated, Bezukhov immediately went over to chat to Atilla & Cagney went in the Ferplast to see Raspy!  After they had said their Good Mornings, the boys had a major head bop together on top of the Ferplast. 🙂

There seemed to be no change in Raspy’s foot, after the overnight stay in the Ferplast.  She managed quite a bit of flying about & was landing fine but would then immediately hold up her foot, much like you see in this photo….

Raspy holding up her dodgy foot

It did not hamper her ability to preen her boyfriend….

They were out most of yesterday but were locked up today.  This evening, on my return home, the boys were the first to come out & again, Bezukhov shot straight over to Atilla for a little chat & Cagney said a rather long-winded “Good Evening to Raspy.  Raspy also came out but unfortunately Cagney started chasing her & she got a little stressed.  I showed her the Ferplast door & she went straight in & sat on the swing to calm down.  I locked her in so the others (Cagney) did not disturb her.  After a short time she came to the door & I let her out again.

(Yes, it could be said I am at their beck & call….)

All four chilled out, quite calmly, in the Manor for awhile, but Cagney, being Cagney started chasing Raspy again so I popped her back into the Ferplast.  Not long after, Bezukhov went in too.  It was getting late so it seemed a good time to start winding down for beddy-byes.

The good thing is that I have not seen Raspy hold her foot up, but its grip still felt slightly light on my finger, so I will give her (& her boyfriend) another day in the Ferplast & hopefully they will all be properly reunited at the weekend when I will be around to supervise!

4 responses to “Morning after the night before

  1. marianne 17 February 2011 at 23:42

    look forward to their romantic weekend together 😉


  2. Alan Preston 18 February 2011 at 08:14

    Hope Raspy foot soon gets better


  3. Rose 18 February 2011 at 08:46

    Do you think they’re going to do a bit of musical chairs at the Manor? Though I guess Cagney would be happy with ANY of the other 3 …


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