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Familiar yellow parcels

The wild, seeded grass is back!  Our very kind follower rosebudgie has sent the first wild grass of 2015.

The yellow parcel was a familiar & very welcome sight.  It arrived on the 30th April & was address to the ‘Reverend Sensible Bezukhov’.   This was followed six days later (6th May) by the second parcel addressed to ‘Sir Charming Cagney’.  The third followed seven days later (13th May) & was for the ‘Rt Hon Phineas’.


As predicted, the Toyboys & Phineas were initially dumbfounded as to what these strange green things were that I was waving about with excitement, but they soon remembered the delights & it did not take long for them to tuck in.

I pegged the grass out in six different places but naturally they all wanted the piece the others were eating.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)

Here they are in action:


 Thank you, rosebudgie & the Sharing Sausages!


3 responses to “Familiar yellow parcels

  1. rosebudgie 15 May 2015 at 08:20

    The sausages have been eating so much grass they’re turning into little fat puddings. Imagine what they would look like if they didn’t share any!


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