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Remembering Thomas: Two years on

So, it has been two whole years without Thomas.

I have been thinking of him a lot recently.

Phinny’s new need for me to ruffle his cheek feathers makes me think of Thomas.  Thomas often used to fluff up his cheek feathers & tilt his head slightly & that was his cue for someone (anyone – I do not think he was fussy) to preen them.  His subtle signals were ignored initially until one day, when the Toyboys were holidaying in my bedroom, Phineas temporarily put aside thoughts of his own needs & preened Thomas.  It was a momentous occasion, not just because Thomas finally got what he wanted but because in getting that, he showed that Phineas was capable of putting someone else’s needs before him – an amazing achievement for such a young lad!


The Thomas Bath was named in honour of him.  He would throw himself in there with abandon & once again, without realising, taught the others of the joy of having a bath.  When I see Phineas & Bezukhov bathing in the Thomas Bath I think, “Thank you, Thomas – what a guy!”


Thank you for those lovely times, young Thomas.



2 responses to “Remembering Thomas: Two years on

  1. rosebudgie 27 January 2016 at 21:06

    Seeing dear Phineas preen dear Thomas makes one think more than ever of the importance of having a budgie to keep a budgie company! You are a very good boy, Phinny!


  2. onesweetiepea 19 February 2016 at 23:07

    Yes, I agree. Since we lost Cagney, I am certain that Bezukhov really appreciates having Phineas around, even though he irritates him!


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